Jobs has been developed by Apple's mobile phone, in electronic products is a legend, all the way to sell, the word Apple has become a topic of popular pursuit and hot. From iPhone4 to iphone7/7P, but also to prove to the people of the world, when the people's living standard with the increase of mobile phone function more powerful, in order to meet the needs of more users, visible electronic appliances all have to the development of the digital.

In the life of the crystal is widely used by people, and has an important position can not be replaced. Digital display electronic products require one or more single crystal, such as computer motherboard with a clock circuit, there must be a crystal excitation pulse generated by the clock circuit, in order to get. Effect of crystal is the biggest pulse.

In a mobile phone, the crystal of 32.768KHz 3225 crystal and crystal packaging, manufacturing mobile phone manufacturers have to understand. The crystal in the mobile phone to play a role in it, when a mobile phone use after a period of time, or in the life of the mobile phone fell accidentally, caused the time display no ground or similar collision, in this case, the mobile phone crystal will play a role.

In fact, there is a mobile phone system 32.768KHz sleep clock signal. In general, the internal mobile phone will exist even a variety of crystal, 32.768KHz crystal is the main leader. For example, when we put the mobile phone after the shutdown, I thought it was really shut down, in fact, the mobile phone inside the 32.768KHz crystal is still working as usual, when we switch on the mobile phone, or the precise time. If the time when the clock oscillator is not broken, no pulse, the only way to replace the 32.768KHz crystal at. The trip will be compared to the crystal electronic products with the same heart, human heart, once you leave will not survive. I hope you understand, to avoid the phone time is not allowed to bring trouble.

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