SiT8008 is a low power semiconductor type 1-110MHz type produced by SITIME single ended output of LVCMOS/LVTTL Si MEMS (active crystal oscillator), lowest power can reach 3.8mA, SITIME silicon crystal oscillator SIT8102/SIT8103/SIT8002/SIT8003/SIT8004/SIT8003XT early product upgrade model. SIT8008/9 has the advantages of small size, high stability, short delivery time and so on. It is widely used in consumer electronics, networking, industry, communications, security, power and other occasions.

SIT8008 features:

Programmable, the frequency range can be customized arbitrary frequency points

Low power consumption, high frequency stability

Standby mode for longer battery life

Quick start time is only 5ms

Environmentally friendly products in line with lead-free, ROHS and REACH standards

Technical parameters:

Frequency range: 1-110MHZ

Frequency difference: + 20PPM, + 25PPM, + 50PPM

Aging: + 1.5PPM/ years

Temperature range: -40 ~ +85 C

Voltage: 1.8V/2.5V/2.8V/3.0V/3.3V

Power consumption: 3.6mA

Output mode: CMOS

Volume: 7050, 5032, 3225, 2520, 2016


Suitable for consumer electronics: digital cameras, digital cameras, smart phones, hard disk recorders, e-books, solid state drives (SSD), Ethernet passive optical network, set-top boxes, high-definition TV, scanners, etc..

Suitable for high speed serial protocol: Ethernet, USB, SATA, SAS, fiber channel, firewall, PCI, etc..

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