Compared with the traditional quartz, SiTime silicon MEMS oscillator, whether from the production process or component design structure, are more in line with the standards of modern electronic products, but also the upgrading of traditional quartz products.

SiTime silicon MEMS oscillator

1, SITIME silicon MEMS oscillator is composed of two single chip; a silicon MEMS resonator, a temperature compensation function for starting circuit and PLL chip CMOS; complete using standard semiconductor chip MCM package.

2, SITIME silicon MEMS process, fully automated standard semiconductor manufacturing process; and the production of artificial quality. If all of the electronic products used in the design of the IC in general, with excellent stability and quality, not easy to appear in the production process of human error.

3, SITIME silicon MEMS oscillator frequency, voltage support precision, programmable, can satisfy the customer requirements of different specifications of combined oscillator.

4, SITIME support all industry standard package (7050, 5032, 3225, 2520), all specifications of the product delivery period of only 2~4 weeks.

5, SITIME silicon MEMS oscillator packaging without sealing problems, standard MCM package, 25 times of the vibration of quartz products. Defective rate of less than 1dppm.

6, SITIME silicon MEMS oscillator internal oscillator PLL chip, with temperature compensation function; frequency accuracy with respect to the temperature change is linear relationship between the frequency accuracy specifications indicated by covering the vibration frequency offset, frequency offset, frequency offset temperature aging etc..

The quality of 7, SITIME silicon MEMS product consistency is through the design stage; and different products in the production of Quartz manufacturing quality control management system, manufacturers do not need to worry about the incoming sample production and certification of inconsistency.

8, the current SITIME product line coverage has reached 70% of the market (quartz oscillator application covers the application of low jitter requirement); including control, monitoring, Computing, video applications, network products, consumer products, products with low power consumption, high speed data transmission etc..

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